Waste Heat Recovery

In typical diesel and gasoline engines only about one-third of the fuel energy is put to productive use. Proposed waste heat recovery systems use the Rankine cycle, which operates similarly to a conventional stationary power plant, to recapture the otherwise wasted energy. A power fluid is boiled using the wasted heat from the engine exhaust and is sent to a turbine, which converts this heat into mechanical energy. As a result, engines use less fuel and emit less CO2.

Features and Benefits

Modine recognizes the need for improved fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions, and has developed a series of compact heat exchangers that, when included in a waste heat recovery system, can put this "wasted" energy to a productive use. In a practical application, Modine has been working with the Department of Energy's SuperTruck concept program where fuel economy improved over 75% compared to the baseline line haul truck model.

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