Tube-Fin Aluminum Radiators

Modine's tube-fin aluminum radiator dramatically increases durability, eliminates solder corrosion, and reduces weight versus conventional copper-brass radiator designs. The radiator utilizes a controlled atmosphere brazing (CAB) process resulting in much stronger tube-to-header joints compared to copper-brass radiators.

Features and Benefits

Modine's tube-fin aluminum radiator is very flexible and is offered in multiple row and fin density combinations to optimize system performance. Additionally, welded or extruded tubes are available to meet any specific application needs.

The radiator uses a Square Wave® fin design, which provides approximately 35% less weight than a standard copper-brass radiator design. At the same time, the Modine open fin channel design promotes higher performance and significantly less clogging.

Our tube-fin radiator offers a cost effective construction of a high volume, highly tooled product to the needs of low-volume markets such as, agriculture, construction, specialty vehicle, and transit bus applications.

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