Testing Services

In Modine's state-of-the-art testing centers, we combine comprehensive thermal and air management knowledge with dedicated test benches and wind tunnel capability to validate any customer application or test-for-hire need.

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  • Vehicle and Engine Performance

    Modine can assess vehicle and engine thermal management performance on a system or component level.

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  • Cold, Hot, Solar Simulation

    Climatic chambers can simulate extremely cold or extremely hot conditions all while providing steady state controllability.

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  • HVAC, Defrost, Defog

    Defrost, defog and passenger comfort testing for Automotive and Commercial Vehicles. HVAC&R testing for Industrial and Residential applications.

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  • Wind

    Modine's wind tunnels offer a large spectrum of environmental conditions to test the effect of ram-air or hurricane force winds.

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  • Thermal

    Our laboratories provide calorimetry capability for product development and validation for single or two-phase and isothermal pressure drop tests.

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  • Vibration, Life Cycle

    We offer durability and reliability testing of components and assemblies. We can perform vibration, thermal cycle, pressure cycle and hydrostatic burst tests.

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