Retarder Oil Cooler

Remote liquid-to-liquid Layered Core Oil Coolers (LCOCs) and box-coolers are engineered to efficiently, durably and economically reduce the high oil temperatures encountered in transit and school bus applications, including retarder transmission applications, and provide high corrosion resistance.

Features and Benefits

Our next generation, state-of-the-art, highly efficient, compact LCOCs are designed for maximum heat transfer in a small envelope and can be mounted directly to the transmission. The stainless steel construction eliminates the need for external coating (e.g. E-coat) for corrosion protection and provides increased durability and performance.

Modine Box Oil Coolers combine compact installation with ease of service. The box-cooler plate design eliminates the need for baffles found in shell and tube designs. The oil inlet and outlet fittings are welded directly to the cover plate assembly, eliminating the need for o-rings or gaskets.

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