Cooling power transformers

The transformer oil cooler ALFA is used to cool power transformers by means of forced air and oil flow. The oil in the cooler is circulated using a pump (can be ordered separately).

The ALFA transformer oil cooler is delivered as a fully factory-assembled unit. Each cooler consists of a casing with a finned tube heat exchanger with one or two fan units. When two fan units are used, the fans are separated by a partion wall. This permits each fan to be enabled or disabled to give incremental power regulation as the cooling need changes.

The cooler is designed to withstand vibrations, shocks, seismic forces and thermal movements.


The transformer oil cooler ALFA is made of aluminium tubes mounted in a bundle of aluminium plate fins.

The fins on the tubes give an increased heating surface to compensate for the low heat transfer coefficient on the air side. The continuous arrangement of the fins in the air flow direction and the wide fin pitch provide good resistance against clogging.

The cooler is equipped with direct driven fans, with a blowing forced fan arrangement. The fans are available in different speeds, depending on the sound requirements.

The motor is delivered with open drainage, as the cooler is for outdoor installations.

Modine concept benefits

The Modine transformer oil cooler concept, type Oil Forced Air Forced (OFAF), offers many benefits including: