DK - Air Blast Cooler

Already adopted by some of the global diesel & gas engine giants for installation in large power generation plants, DK is the result of close cooperation among different Luvata units in Europe and meets or exceeds the latest requirements of the industry and allows for a variety of customization and special options.

Material combinations and corrosion protections are developed to suit the demanding environment of many industrial sites around the globe.

DK offers low noise levels and optimised energy consumption, to maximize the environmental compatibility for this specific application.

As with other Luvata products, DK also offers a wide range of options, some of which were included in the original product design, originating from a modular concept that includes up to 7 modules, and a wide choice of impeller diameters offered as standard.

Motor and technical data

The basic model includes optimised ventilated axial sections, equipped with asynchronous rotor fan-motors, already meeting with the strict rules on energy efficiency set by the ErP 2013/2015 directives; special fan-motors with electronic commutation (EC) control are available to meet customers’ specific needs.

Max. working pressure: 0.6 MPa

Test pressure: 0.8 MPa

Max. working temperature: 99 °C

Min. working temperature: -20°C

Power range at ambient temp 35°C and water temp 70/40 30°C: Up to 3MW