Performance ranges

Coil Features

According to the room temperature, the employed fin spacing is the folowing:

Standard Defrost

Electric (ED) 400V/3/50Hz

Casing Features

Made of a magnesium aluminium alloy, with a smooth finish covered by a plastic protection film

Fan Motor Features

Fan Guard Features

Manufactured from epoxy-coated steel, according to EN 294 standards

Air Throw

The aeraulic combination grants a considerably high air throw, measured in ECO’s Technical Lab according to CECOMAF GT6-001 standards


Heat exchangers are supplied clean and tested at a pressure of 30 bars

*Nominal capacity: assessed in practical operating ambient, i.e. wet conditions; refrigerant NH3; air inlet temperature = 0 °C; evap. temperature = -8 °C; ΔT = 8 K.