QDKR - Double Tube Cooler


The double tube cooler is made of 1/2” (12,7 mm) primary tubes with a circuit specifically sized for the conditions of the cooling water. The tubes are made of copper, copper-nickel (90/10), stainless steel or titanium. The secondary tube for double tube cooler is made of copper. The pair of tubes are mounted in a bundle of aluminium or copper fins.

The primary tube is inserted in a secondary copper tube with internal grooves. These grooves will drain any leakage water from the primary tubes. The water is drained out by a clearance between the primary and the secondary tube plate to any type of leakage device. Modine can supply leakage detectors (see accessories list) which can be mounted into the cooler.

Removable header

To assist with the mechanical cleaning of the cooler, the coil body is fixed between tube plates with a removable header (water box). The header is also equipped with drain and venting plugs. Headers can be made of Rilsan® coated steel, stainless steel or titanium. The cooler may be internally cleaned by simply removing the headers and using a brush (accessory) inside the tubes.