Oil Coolers

Liquid-to-liquid layered-core oil coolers (LCOCs) are engineered to efficiently and economically reduce the high oil and fuel temperatures encountered in today's vehicles. Typical applications include commercial and specialty vehicle, agriculture, construction, and industrial equipment, including retarder transmission oil cooling.

Our state-of-the-art, highly efficient, compact LCOCs are formed into custom-designed plate profiles to match customer specifications and integration needs. The LCOCs design permits adjacent installation at the oil filter location on most engines or transmissions, while the plate-type (P) coolers are typically installed within a radiator tank or remote boxed unit.

The coolers are made of aluminum or either copper- or nickel-brazed stainless steel using controlled atmosphere or vacuum brazing. Stainless steel construction eliminates the need for external coating (e.g. E-coat) for corrosion protection and provides increased durability and performance.

Features and Benefits

Modine is the manufacturer of the original Donutâ„¢ compact oil cooler, which can be installed at the oil filter location without external lines. Today, we continue to build on this advantage of oil cooling innovations to provide compact, lightweight, high-performance and high-value cooling no matter the design or material.

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