Become a Supplier

Modine Manufacturing seeks long term relationships with supplier partners who share our goal of creating a sustainable high value supply chain to support our customers and the end user market. This value focus includes purchasing the right technology components and materials, delivered on-time and with high quality, with an ongoing drive for continuous improvement.

As a manufacturer of vehicular heat exchangers and building heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, Modine purchases materials and components in the following commodity groups:

Raw Materials

Aluminum Coil & Sheet, Carbon Steel Bars, Plates & Tubes, Bi-Metal Plate, Brass Plate & Tubes, Stainless Steel Coil and Plate, Copper Coil, Plate & Tubes, Paint & Resin

Fabricated Metals

Castings (Aluminum, Iron, Stainless Steel), Extrusions, Stampings, Tubes (Aluminum & Steel), Fittings, Gaskets, Hinges/Locks/Latches & Fasteners


Gaskets, O-rings, Hoses, Dust caps, Radiator Tanks & Fan Shrouds

Complex Assemblies

Compressors & Heat Exchangers

Electronic Devices

Blowers & Fan Assemblies, Controls, Motors, Wire Harnesses, Sensors

If your company supplies one of these commodities or products and would like to join the Modine supply community, please complete the NEW SUPPLIER INTEREST FORM to provide information on your company to Modine.