Bar Plate Radiators

Aluminum bar plate heat exchangers provide a low-volume, flexible platform to produce radiators, oil coolers, charge-air coolers or combo-coolers (in which multi-circuit cooling needs are combined into one cooler), which are manufactured in either a vacuum or controlled atmosphere brazing process.

Typical applications for Modine bar plate heat exchangers are vehicles or machines that require a high degree of durability. Examples include combines, tractors, crawlers, excavators, wheel loaders, skid-steer loaders, forestry equipment, compressors, and material handling equipment.

Features and Benefits

Bar plate heat exchangers are rugged, robust, very resistant to external damage, and able to withstand extreme pressures under the most demanding operating environments. Modine's flexible bar plate portfolio offers multiple core depths, sizes, and fin densities to meet any application and system performance needs.

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