Health & Safety


The safety of Modine employees is always a top priority. We believe injuries are preventable, and unsafe conditions and behaviors are unacceptable. All employees are held accountable for preventing and responding to unsafe conditions in a timely and complete manner. These enduring principles guide Modine’s behaviors and are the foundation for growing our safety culture.


Modine completed fiscal year 2017 with a global Recordable Incident Rate (“RIR” as defined by OSHA) of 1.33. Its long-term safety performance, as indicated by RIR, improved 21 percent over the past five years. Modine has consistently out-performed the United States’ private-industry RIR average for the manufacturing sector, which, by comparison was 3.8 in 2015. Each fiscal year, Modine establishes global safety objectives, and each manufacturing location defines its specific safety goals.

Modine has implemented behavior-based safety as a proactive, global effort by which we seek to correct at-risk behaviors, and positively reinforce safe behaviors. Building further on behavior-based safety, Modine has implemented process stream safety at all its locations within the Americas region. This in-depth evaluation and correction of workplace conditions further engages process employees to eliminate safety risks. Combined, Modine’s focus on behavior-based safety and process stream safety is part of a long-term commitment to strengthen our safety culture.


In 2015, Modine’s West Kingston, Rhode Island location was recognized by the United Sates Department of Labor for achieving OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program (“VPP”) designation for exemplary safety and health protection. The West Kingston facility has maintained that designation for ten consecutive years.